Exercise 2

  1. These are the starting images:
    These photos were taken half an hour apart at slightly different positions.   The goal is to remove the woman from the first image.   A region from the second photo will be used to replace the woman, but it will be necessary to correct for perspective distortions and different lighting.  

  2. Open first image and left click cursor on four tile corners as shown in image below.   Immediately after each click, press Enter key to place target points in the Queue.

  3. Press X key.   This will create 2nd layer with the new layer on top.   Open the second image into Layer 2.  
    Click on the corresponding spots in this image, as shown above, but DO NOT press Enter.   If you accidentally click on a wrong point, you will have to begin the sequence over.  

  4. Click Geom>"Four Point Registration."   If you have not made a mistake, your image should now look like this:

  5. Press X to bring the other image back into view.  

  6. Click Mask>Set F2/F3 to Clear/Set Mask.  

  7. Press P for paint cursor and paint an unmasked region over the woman that should look like this:

  8. Press Shift+S which will display the bottom layer through unmasked portions of the top layer.   You should see something like this:
    Notice that seams are visible on the sidewalk which is not good enough.   (Otherwise, we could finish this by pressing = )

  9. Click Layers>Cloning>Set F2 for Seamless Cloning and set mode to 3..   Turn off the mask display by pressing S so you will see the next result.   Press F2 and this should be the result: