Exercise 7

This exercise assumes that you already have the game, Quake 3 Arena and modification, ioquake3.x86_64.exe, and already have some experience editing the textures.
  1. This is a screen capture of the player model/skin, Sarge/Roderic, from within Quake 3 Arena:

    The goal is to sharpen and brighten the features.  

  2. Make a backup of pak0.pk3. Unzip pak0.pk3 and open models/players/sarge/roderic.tga which looks like this:


  3. Use Resize>Pseudo LAD to make an 8X enlargement which looks like this:


  4. Use Blur/Sharpen>Poisson Sharpener to sharpen and brighten the image like this:


  5. Save (overwrite) the original file, models/players/sarge/roderic.tga, but make sure you backed up the original.

  6. Zip the files/directories back into pak0.pk3, but make sure you backed up the original.

  7. Finished. You can now play the game with the new roderic texture which should look like this: