Effects Gallery with Exercises

Click on the image to link to the exercise.   Unless otherwise specified, these exercises assume default properties settings therefore click AutoQ>"Set Properties to Default" and AutoQ>"Set Other Defaults" before beginning these exercises.  

Exercise 1 - Demonstrates masking by color and hue rotation in HSV space as a painted operation.

Exercise 1


Exercise 2 - Demonstrates generating an unmasked area with the paint cursor, four point registration, and seamless cloning.

Exercise 2


Exercise 3 - Demonstrates simulating unfocussed object in foreground.

Exercise 3


Exercise 4 - Demonstrates estimating a convolution kernel from a blurred and sharp image and using the estimated kernel to deconvolve the blurred image.

Exercise 4


Exercise 5 - Smudge Painting.

Exercise 5


Exercise 6 - Semi-Automatic Colorization.

Exercise 6


Exercise 7 - Editing Quake 3 Texture

Exercise 7